Why work directly on the brain?

Past the machine analogy.


Everything we think or do make changes in the brain. However, instead of a solid machine requiring long-term repetitive effort for change, we now understand brain plasticity  - the brain is more plastic, operates holistically, with each components interacting with all other components.  We also know that making changes more "directly" in the brain “hardware” can speed up "software changes", changes in body, mind and thinking.


The aim is to gently encourage the brain into greater harmony  and variability leading to better functioning in our world.

Balance the brain to deal with emotional and physical pain...

Just as you may go to a gym or to a specialist coach to make physical changes, you can use neurotherapy to make changes in your life.   And just as new evidence shows that a maximum of 5 minutes of interval exercise three times a week can make significant changes compared to a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week, the Low Energy Neurofeedback System - LENS Neurotherapy /Neurofeedback therapy, can help to make rapid changes with less effort than was thought necessary

Deal with visual stress and calm the brain...


You go go an optometrist and the glasses can give you immediate relief. If they don't or you don't need them,  Irlen Lenses can help. The Irlen method finds tints which help to "calm the brain" and reduce brain over- activity when processing visual information and dealing with movement, glare, managing in small spaces, difficulties using a computer/reading, unexplained migraines and headaches and even traumatic stress.

"Sharpen" the brain to better process what you hear. 


Because all parts of the brain are interconnected, we can work in one area  to help a range of areas. Irritability and anger, poor understanding in noisy environments, poor speech, spelling and reading can be helped with auditory stimulation