Neurotherapy Experiences

Here’s what therapists have to say about LENS.

"In the last 17 years I have used 10 different neurofeedback systems.  LENS is the most user friendly of the systems and produces the fastest results, to the delight of my patients and myself.  Many small children who struggle with or could not do traditional neurofeedback can easily be treated with LENS. It is the system I rely on.  If there was a fire and I could only run out with one system, it would absolutely be the LENS. I highly recommend it."

D. Corydon Hammond, Ph.D., BCIA-EEG, ECNS, Past President, International

Society for Neurofeedback & Research, Psychologist & Professor,

University of Utah School of Medicine.

"I love the LENS system because it was easy to learn, it is easy to use, and it's easy for my clients.  I like relying on the brain's intrinsic intelligence to heal.  The brevity of the LENS treatment allows plenty of session time for processing the changes with each client.  And change they do!  Most people experience meaningful change during or after every single session. Most people only come once a week, and for under 20 sessions, and that's much more affordable for them.    I have the deep satisfaction of witnessing miracles on a daily basis!"

Mary St. Clair, LMSW, BCIA-EEG

"LENS is an amazing tool that effectively allows my clients to transition from DEBILITATING conditions to healthy lives without drugs or side effects."

Vladimir Vandalov, PsyD , Renaissance Therapy Clinic

30375 Northwestern Hwy Suite 200, Farmington Hills MI 48334-3299

"The LENS is an essential part of any Neurofeedback toolkit. The system is powerful and can make an impact quickly improving a person’s life dramatically. I could not imagine practicing without it."

Nicholas Dogris, Ph.D.  Author of the first definitive text on LENS “The healing art of Neurotherapy”, NeuroField, Inc., PO Box 506, Bishop, CA 93515

"During the course of nearly 30 years as a psychotherapist I came to see the benefits and limitations of traditional talk therapy. With recent advances in neuroscience I became intrigued with the potential to help my clients more directly and rapidly ameliorate their suffering. I was astounded by the power and effectiveness of the LENS. I use it both alone and in conjunction with psychotherapy with uniformly positive results. I love the increased therapeutic effectiveness that the LENS offers. "

Jeffrey S. Rutstein, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist, NJ License #SI 02183,Director, Life Center for Growth & Healing, P.C., 1684 Old Trenton Road, West Windsor, NJ 08550-3205

"Although I have been using Neurofeedback with patients for twenty years and have four other systems active in my office, I now always start patients with LENS neurotherapy because it most consistently brings patients relatively quick relief of their distresses and disturbances and sets them on a course of a more fulfilling and spiritually balanced life; I've never before had so much fun helping so many tough cases."

Thomas M Brod MD , Distinguished Life Fellow, American Psychiatric Association (DLFAPA),  Associate Clinical Professor, Psychiatry, Geffen UCLA School of Medicine

"I have been using neurofeedback of various kinds since 1990, and started using LENS in 1998. I almost always use LENS with new clients, as I have found it to be faster and more effective in addressing the problems clients come in with. I especially like the fact that very young children can be helped in such a non-intrusive, non-demanding way. Another advantage is the fact that the improvements take place with only one session a week, which is decidedly preferable for those clients who live a long distance away, and are willing to drive several hours each way to reap the benefits of this amazing system."

Lilian Marcus, PhD, LMFT

"Using LENS with my psychotherapy clients enables them to transition more quickly to a stable, healthier emotional state. It seems to accelerate the therapeutic process. I can often anticipate a predictable shift in my clients, it is rewarding to witness the LENS process as it unfolds."

Marion Roberts, Ph.D.

"LENS is the most dynamic tool I have, besides myself, for helping clients to increase their consciousness, their sense of self control, and ability to resolve their problems. Rather than taking months of slow, laborious progress, our therapy is shorter and more dynamic with LENS.People “get it” and move on, happy with therapy and it’s outcome. They then send four of their friends. My practice is overflowing."

Kristen Harrington, MA, LMFT, AIBT Neurotherapist

"The LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback System) increases our ability to function by resetting the physiology that gives rise to our brain waves. This lets the brain better regulate itself. “Resetting” our brain waves, means to let them shift in amplitude, dominant frequency, or variability, and continue to shift as they need to more easily any place in the brain and anywhere in the brainwave spectrum. In doing so, they actually change their levels spontaneously; that is, without applying operant conditioning to shape or train the brain wave values according to a normative database. However, once they start to shift they can be expected to continue to shift as they need to, regardless of any data base norms. "

Len Ochs, PhD, Director of Oschlabs LLC, inventor and developer of the LENS system.