What clients have to say about LENS.

Neurotherapy Experiences

Here’s what clients have to say about LENS.

"Our daughter has been receiving neurofeedback treatment, and during 3 months of treatment we saw a major turn-around in her life, which resulted in the withdrawal of all anti-depressant and mood stabilising medications.


Prior to neurofeedback: Our daughter was diagnosed with “clinical depression”, “major depressive illness” and “chronic daily headaches” at the age of 9, followed by 4 years of medication. The medication included Aropax, Zoloft, Prozac (up to 60 mg per day), Luvox, Effexor, Aurorix, Risperidone and mood stabilisers. During the 4 years there were major regressions in her health and serious episodes of depression, anxiety and panic attacks. After 4 years, she was taking Aurorix and a mood stabiliser, she suffered from chronic daily headaches and feeling sick, was unable to attend school, and rarely left the house. We were desperate for a solution.


After neurofeedback: Our daughter no longer suffers from chronic daily headaches, or feeling sick. She takes no medication, attends school 100% and frequently leaves the house for extra-curricula activities. She has no major regressions with her health. At 14, her life has been turned around over a 3-month period through neurofeedback. "

Deborah H.

"Our son (….) has been diagnosed with severe Autism since infancy. At eight years old, before starting LENS treatment, he had no speech and life appeared to be extremely frustrating to him. He would often very agitated and lash out by biting or scratching both himself and others.


He had a lot of seizures which were probably due to led (lead) poisoning.He seemed to have to be always moving and his attention span was very short. He reacted strongly to sounds, smells, and some foods and medications.


We started with LENS therapy at the end of November 2010. After the first treatment (…) slept better than usual. Just before Christmas we noticed that he was having fewer “melt downs”. When his grandmother left after Christmas he said “bye grandma”.


In January we received a report from the school that was his best ever.


Although there have been some episodes of aggression, we noticed that with each treatment his aggressiveness seemed to diminish. March was a break-through month for us. During the first week of March he read his first book. True, it was only a four-page book with four words per page, but it did bring tears to the eyes of his teacher. Then the following week he said his first sentence to me. "


"I just wanted to update you re. (…) as he has not had any type of seizure/muscle cramping/spasm/zapping etc since Wed last week. (He had been having daily seizures, even after 2 years of other neurofeedback treatment). Although it is still early days I am very excited about it and the possibility that therapy is resolving the cause of the seizures! He continues to do really well generally and even (his father) is noticing improvements in (…) functioning."

Judith P.

Nathan A.

"I was an automotive spray painter apprentice with a promising future. In October of 1996 I was badly electrocuted in a work accident. I had sustained severe nerve damage to left arm and left side of the body as a result. I also sustained Psychological problems like really bad concentration, being really unhappy and getting quite angry easily.


Over the next nine years there was a whole range of treatments (and) I progressively got worse. I had a bad attitude and was extremely unhappy and angry. In January of 2006 I stumbled across (LENS neurotherapy). After a few months of treatments I noticed big improvements in my concentration, moods and less anger.